Welcome to information on the Adolescent Conspiracy Beliefs Questionnaire (ACBQ)

At Staffordshire University, we are currently exploring adolescents’ (aged 11-17 years) belief in conspiracy theories. We know a lot about adults’ belief in conspiracy theories and their views about the world, but very little about adolescents’ point of view. If you think your teenager would be interested to help us investigate this, please see the poster below.

This will take about 15 minutes and your child can complete our questionnaire anonymously online. We really appreciate your help with our research!

If you can help, here is what to do:

1. Download and complete the CONSENT FORM.

2. Return the signed consent form via email (and ask any questions!) to darel.cookson@research.staffs.ac.uk.

3. Darel will send you a link to the questionnaire for your child to complete. You will receive a debrief after they have taken part.

If you are a teenager reading this and would like to take part, please speak to your parent/guardian. They will need to complete the consent form on your behalf.

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