2018- current 

British Academy/Leverhulme, Small Grant Award (£9, 588, PI)

Title: Measuring adolescents’ beliefs in conspiracy theories: Development and validation of a new questionnaire

Project on-going.


British Psychological Society, Research Assistantship Award (£1, 800, PI)

Title: Examining the relationship between conspiracy theories and intentions to engage in everyday crime

Journal article: Jolley, D., Douglas, K. M., Leite, A., & Schrader, T. (in press). Belief in conspiracy theories and intentions to engage in everyday crime. British Journal of Social Psychology. doi: 10.1111/bjso.12311


Staffordshire University, QR Small Grant Award (£3, 560.70, PI)

Title: Conspiracy theories and prejudice

Journal article: Jolley, D., Meleady, R., & Douglas, K. M. (in press).  Exposure to intergroup conspiracy theories promotes prejudice which spreads across groups.  British Journal of Psychology.

News article: Jolley, D. & Douglas, K. (2019). Conspiracy theories fuel prejudice towards minority groups. The Conversation.


2018: Winner of June’s I’m a Scientist, Society Zone (received £500 outreach funds)

2017-2020: Staffordshire University, PhD Scholarship Funding (£43, 656, won as 1st Supervisor)

            Project: Social norms and reducing belief in conspiracy theories (Student: Darel Cookson)

2017: ESRC Festival of Social Sciences (£947, PI)

Title: Being a Social Scientist (aimed at local A-level students)

2017: ESRC Festival of Social Sciences (£447, Co-I)

Title: Teaching research the fun way (aimed at local A-level Psychology teachers)